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What is full-grain bovine leather

Full-grain bovine leather - the oldest and most natural form of leather

Full-grain bovine leather is originally a term for the middle back piece of the cowhide, also called the coupon. It is strong and durable leather that lasts a very long time and acquires a beautiful patina over time.

The cow hides used for our products are carefully selected to ensure a uniform appearance of the leather and thus the high quality of the products. They originate from Europe, where the best and cleanest hides in the world come from. They are considered the best, because the animals' living conditions and the climatic conditions mean that the animals do not get very many natural marks (insect bites, scars, neck folds, etc.). The small natural marks that may appear on skins are not faults, but must be considered "marks of nobility" from the animal's life. They emphasize the leather's unique character, add rustic charm to the product, and are also proof that the leather is a genuine natural product. For many, all this increases the value of the product.

Natural color & patina

Our full-grain leather is without surface protection. This means that the surface (the grain structure) has been preserved naturally and that it has not been sanded. This allows the leather to "breathe". Full-grain leather is more light-sensitive, stains easier and changes over time through use and exposure to light to acquire a natural beautiful patina (it has initially a very delicate pink color which over time turns into a warm brown and finally a deep brown color). This means that the ravages of time, the influence of light and use have aged the leather with grace. Leather cannot get more natural than this, and the more natural the leather, the more beautiful the patina.

Vegetable tanned leather

While 90% of world production of leather is chrome tanned, the leather we use belongs to the remaining 10% which is vegetable tanned.

Dyed leather

Our products are also available in several colors, some of which are standard colors and some of which are determined by the current trends and fashion.

All colors used for dyeing of our leather come from German, Italian and Dutch manufacturers whose products are registered and approved by REACH, which is the EU's chemical legislation and covers the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals.